Owners of Amazing Lash Studio

Photo by Taylor Prinsen

Women today continue to build on the progress made by previous generations, opening more and more doors. In Austin, a small group of entrepreneurial women is opening their own doors by bringing a new service to the market. Cassie Ghaffar, Leanne Gilchrist, Debbie Weatherford, Tammy Busch and Alex Matera know exactly what it means to juggle family, career and friends, all while looking their best. From running multimillion-dollar campaigns to multiple businesses, these women were brought together by the amazing transformation of semipermanent eyelash extensions. They each now own and operate retail locations for one of the nation’s leading Fortune 500 franchises, Amazing Lash Studio, right here in Austin.

Before semipermanent eyelash extensions, the only options were mascara and strip lashes. Amazing Lash Studio revolutionizes the eyelash-extension market by elevating the experience and making contemporary, semipermanent-lash styles more convenient and affordable than ever, in the privacy of each guest’s own tranquil lash suite. When you look good, you can’t help but feel good too. Knowing your eyes look great all day long gives you confidence without the fuss. These women are leading the charge to bring this exciting new service to the Austin market. Amazing Lash Studio has seven locations throughout Austin.



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