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Woman to Watch: Ren Newey

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Founder, Wedding Scout


Ten years ago Ren Newey was planning her wedding when lightning struck the venue of her dreams. Burning it to the ground months before the big day. That experience sparked her interest in the industry. It led to a 10-year career as a luxury wedding planner and overall events guru. In 2020, she pivoted again. Creating a platform that provides free virtual tours of wedding venues with an interactive budget calculator.

“Booking your wedding venue can be an overwhelming process,” Newey explains. “Couples are navigating uncomfortable budget discussions and feel pressure to make decisions quickly. Add distance, time constraints and a pandemic to the mix. All of a sudden wedding planning is more fight than fun.”

Wedding Scout empowers couples to make an informed decision on this big one-time investment. Local professionals guide couples through the ins and outs of comparing venues so they can decide with confidence and start having fun!


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