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CareerCraft | CEO

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Lauren Dwiggins’ search for her career path slowly became a passion to help others connect their dreams with real-life possibilities. As she gained education and experience, she realized there was a disconnect between the education system and the job market. Taking a risk, she left her job at the Texas Education Agency and founded Austin-based CareerCraft in 2019. In only four years, CareerCraft has made a tremendous impact, raising$11 million for Texas school districts, helping nearly 100 school districts effectively align their programs with job market demands and providing technology solutions for tracking college, career and military readiness. Adding a co-founder and experienced professionals with similar visions, CareerCraft has built meaningful support for Texas school districts. As a result, CareerCraft has helped students access valuable skills, fostering economic growth. Dwiggins is empowering her company to make a lasting impact on the future of the Lone Star State.



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