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Deloitte Consulting LLP | Managing Director

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Kim Tatum is a managing director for Deloitte Consulting LLP, where she leads the Assets and Innovation
Practice. Tatum is responsible for developing cutting-edge digital assets for program and transformation
management. With a diverse background spanning the health care, life sciences and technology industries, she
dedicates a significant amount of time to fostering consensus and bridging the gap between technology-based
solutions and business-driven outcomes. Tatum is also passionate about nurturing and cultivating future leaders and working to give underprivileged youth opportunities to explore STEAM-related activities and careers out of a strong desire for inclusion. She believes that by creating accessible pathways for underrepresented groups, we can bridge the gap in educational and professional opportunities and create a more equitable society. Tatum is active in Epiphany Soul, where she has been instrumental in hosting STEAM Camps for underrepresented groups to create exposure beyond the classroom. She is also active in Deloitte’s community outreach efforts.



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