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Woman to Watch: Keocha LaFleur-Anders

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Wellness Coach and Owner


Keocha LaFleur-Anders is a certified Wellness Coach and Barre Instructor who helps women take the pressure off personal development through fun, interactive wellness experiences and events. As a busy wife and mom, she knows how difficult it is to prioritize self-care. She supports women as they identify blind spots and make healthier choices without judgment but with grace. LaFleur-Anders has created a unique lifestyle brand, Reset with K., that encourages women to be true to themselves and live a more connected, vibrant, freedom-centric life by learning how to fill their cup first. Her events leave women inspired and ignited socially, emotionally, mentally and physically. LaFleur-Anders is also a writer and co-founder of ISP Football, owner of The Sports Barre and co-founder of Reset YOUniversity. When she’s not working, she is watching ’80s movies or working out in the sun with her family.


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