Abby Cone founded Organizational Logistics with the concept that a person’s home should be their sanctuary.

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Abby Cone

Abby Cone, a native Austinite, lives her purpose by helping improve the lives of others through organization. She founded Organizational Logistics with a simple concept: A person’s home should be his or her sanctuary. And her mantra is simple: Letting go lets one grow. As a personal professional organizer, she helps clients let go of clutter, stress and anxiety while gaining stability. With her no-judgment approach, Cone transforms homes and offices into inspiring spaces that reflect her clients’ goals and dreams. Throughout her life, Cone has devoted an extensive amount of her free time to organizing and decluttering for her family. Once she realized how much she loved the rush and fulfillment of creating tidy spaces, she created her own business so she could do what she has always loved. When she’s not transforming chaos into order, she’s playing with plants, gardening, renovating her home or hanging out with her fur babies.


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