Pass the Reese’s and merlot.

Story and photo by Courtney Runn

Who says Halloween candy can’t be gourmet? Whether you’re sipping on some bubbly while you pass out candy or you stashed some canned wine for your trick-or-treat trek, you need some sweets to break up your sips.  We asked Meredith Berman, co-owner of The Infinite Monkey Theorem (IMT), to share her tips for pairing your favorite Halloween candy with wine. 

Nerds + Viognier: “There’s nothing scary about a pack of nerds and some viognier. The orange blossom and nectar notes add a touch more of sweetness to those tiny sugar bombs. Try IMT’s Texas viognier.

Jolly Ranchers + Bubbly: “Nothing will make you more jolly than a bag of ranchers and can of bubbly. Green apple, grape or strawberry—it doesn’t matter. Those slightly tart, but sweet candies paired with a can of dry, crisp bubbles will have you coming back for more. Warning: Your palate will thank you; your dentist may not. Try IMT’s Bubble Universe Cans.”

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups + Merlot: “[There are] two things we love most in life: chocolate and wine. After bedtime, raid those candy bags and hunker down with a bottle of merlot, a handful of Reese’s, and your favorite Halloween movie.  With subtle hints of cranberry and nuttiness, you have now found your year-round perfect pair. Try IMT’s Texas merlot.” 

Queen Anne Cordial Cherries + Tempranillo. “Before you dive into costume making, get those creative juices flowing with a box of Queen Anne’s and some Texas tempranillo. Watch out, with fruit and spice covering the palate, you’re bound to come up with one flirty little costume. Try IMT’s Texas tempranillo.”


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