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Black: classic, powerful, luxury

Black is a very popular color for cars, and it’s no wonder! It exudes power and luxury. If you drive a black car, chances are you’re sophisticated and like to enjoy the finer things in life.

White: pristine, elegant, perfection

White has traditionally been associated with purity and honesty. Someone who drives a white car likes elegance and may be a bit of a perfectionist.

Silver: futuristic, modern, sleek

Silver is a cool, futuristic color. Drivers of silver cars are likely very tech and business savvy. They appreciate the flash that silver has versus gray.

Gray: practical, mature, low-key

Unlike their flashy counterparts, gray cars are often driven by people who prefer to be more subtle. They are practical and straightforward and don’t feel the need to show off.

Red: outgoing, bold, energetic

People who drive red cars are typically outgoing, vibrant people. They love attention and excitement, and that’s reflected in the color of the car they drive. Sometimes they can be aggressive drivers.

Light Blue: calm, sincere, faithful

People who have light-blue cars tend to be safe and calm drivers. Though not the most common color, some predict it to increase in popularity in the coming years.

Dark Blue: confident, authoritative, dependable

Dark-blue cars give off a sense of power and confidence. Owners are likely dependable, good drivers.

Orange: unique, artistic, individualistic

If you drive an orange car, you are likely unique and march to the beat of your own drum. Or maybe you just really love the University of Texas Longhorns, and in that case, hook ’em!

Brown: practical, down-to-earth, sensible

The color brown often signifies a grounded individual, someone who appreciates nature. This color is becoming more popular, especially in SUVs.

Green: earthy, understated, balanced

Typically, green means the driver is understated and natural. Recently, though, there has been a trend of bright-green sports cars, and in that case, the individual is looking to be unique and enjoys attention.

Gold: warm, glamorous, intelligent

Though not a very common car color anymore, gold still exudes a sense of luxury. The driver might be on the more glamorous side and enjoys turning heads.

Yellow: joyful, fun, bright

People who drive yellow cars are typically fun, bright people. They have a sense of humor and like to be noticed.

Chelsea Bancroft is the strategic-partnerships and social-media manager at Roger Beasley Mazda and a blogger at onechelofanadventure.com.


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