Members of the University Fashion Group (UFG), consisting of undergraduate students from the University of Texas at Austin, exhibited their annual student-run fashion show, The Capstone Collection, on Sun., May 9.

Dress by Gabbi Melton; Austin, TX

By Monica Godinez, Photos courtesy of UFG

Since its inauguration in 1970, the Capstone Collection fashion show has been a staple event for the local community. A “diverse range of students” comprises the UFG, each one expanding their talents in textiles and apparel. The showcase featured the design projects of 20 graduating seniors. Each senior showcased a five-piece collection of designs. 

Event Experience

This exhibition was nothing short of an exquisite experience all while overcoming the uncertainty surrounding this year’s show. Props to the UFG for a  phenomenal job in ensuring the show went on. Organizers implemented all CDC Covid-19 guidelines to keep this event and all attendees safe. Overall, the showcase was professional, immersive and fun. Whether a fashion extraordinaire or a casual fashion enthusiast, attendees could fully engage with each design. These students created an enchanting experience that authentically highlighted each of their talents. 

Senior Designs

Every design was carefully cultivated to exhibit each designer’s unique style. The designs varied per designer. Ranging from contemporary pieces, avant garde inspired to modern designs. Each piece demonstrated the vast array of inspiration that each designer drew from. Of course, each one of them gained inspiration from their own perspective and experiences. Drawing from the feeling of  “grief,” the ambiance and experience of “vintage grocery shopping” and wholesome “self-growth,” to name a few.

The showcase allowed attendees to authentically react and experience a small portion of the world these students embark on. Every last detail felt meticulously planned. Including the choice of music, lighting and the expressions on the model’s faces as they took their turn on the catwalk. This show served as a runway to debut the momentous talent these senior designers have cultivated through intense dedication to their craft.  One can only imagine the fruitful careers these senior designers will have as they continue on their desired paths.

See more from the Capstone Collection on the UFG website.


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