Founder and Principal Consultant of Osborn Consulting Group LLC

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Women to Watch: TyAnn Osborn

TyAnn Osborn, founder and principal consultant of Osborn Consulting Group LLC, is a success guide and Strengths guru. Since 2012, she has helped thousands of people discover the value of their unique abilities to become more engaged, build stronger relationships and authentically show up in their daily lives. As one of the first Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches in Texas, Osborn delivers coaching and innovative solutions in the areas of Strengths-based performance, leadership development and organizational effectiveness, and she thrives when working with leaders who are ready for positive change. Pre-pandemic you could find her traveling the globe empowering people through speaking, coaching and training. Now Osborn shares her magic via virtual coaching sessions and training on topics such as discovering your strengths, navigating change using your strengths, expanding your strategic influence and more. These topics are designed to give employees, managers and leaders the tools to emerge from this historic time stronger than ever. Her mission in life is to help others “win at work and life.”



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