Fashion blogger DeAnna Rivers shares her top winter workout looks. 

Photos by Sean Baier

If you’re looking for some motivation to keep your exercise resolutions, cute workout clothes might just do the trick. Austin Woman asked lifestyle and fashion blogger DeAnna Rivers to share her three go-to winter workout looks for this season.

High-waisted Leggings

“I have at least four or five pairs of high-waisted leggings,” Rivers says. “Honestly the higher the waist the better! As I am bending, stretching, squatting, or whatever I am doing, I like feeling covered up. These leggings are versatile and I like to pair them [with]full-length tops and crop tops without completely exposing my midriff.”

Quarter-zip Jacket

“This is a staple for the gym that you will use all year round,” Rivers says. “I have one that is lightweight and another one that is fleece for the cooler weather. I become cold so easily and since I work out mostly indoors the AC and fans are sometimes cranked up. This jacket comes in handy when I need to throw this on over my outfit.”

Activewear Sets

“Sets are a new favorite of mine because it makes it more fun to get ready to go work out,” Rivers says. “I am not very matchy-matchy in any other part of my wardrobe but showing up to the gym in an all yellow ensemble is completely fine. Sets are also versatile because you can wear it together or mix and match throughout the rest of your activewear.”




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