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Like high-waisted jeans and sweater vests, travel agents are back from the past.

Surprisingly, this trend is being driven by millenials. The first digital-native generation understands that the internet does not always deliver the best outcome for booked travel, and they often crave the more immersive and authentic travel experiences that travel advisors can deliver.

If you know exactly where you want to stay and booking the trip is just a few clicks away, it makes sense to book it yourself. It’s complexity that drives value. Examples of opportunities to engage a travel professional are:

  • Groups of family or friends with different needs or timing
  • Road trips, multidestination or theme parks with many moving pieces
  • International trips where support for transport and excursions can reduce anxiety
  • Ski trips with gear rental, lift tickets, lessons and more
  • Milestone celebrations or any trip that benefits from special amenities, coordination and polish
  • All luxury travel. Travel professionals have access to amenities not available to the public, as well as partners who can deliver private, incredible experiences on site.

The pandemic only increased the value of travel advisors. They understand and help navigate the ever-changing travel restrictions and requirements. They can also bring in insurance and “trip-stacking” options to help ensure some sort of vacation will ultimately happen.

Kirsten Billhardt launched Rosedale Travel late last year out of a passion for travel. She and her husband have been traveling with their three boys since the first was born. They’ve road-tripped to California, skiied in France and visited national parks and theme parks large and small. They’ve traveled on a budget and enjoyed upscale amenities. Billhardt has also planned and booked many girls getaways and has firsthand experience at balancing different needs and expectations for a trip. Driving all of this is the belief that travel builds deeper connections within a family or between friends. This time together is a break from everyday life and a chance to have different conversations, learn new things together and often be outside and active. She also believes in the Anthony Bourdain philosophy: “Travel is not a reward for working; it’s education for living.”

Rosedale Travel is a boutique travel planning and booking service specializing in family travel, wellness and friend getaways. They use their destination expertise and access to booking platforms and amenities not available to the public to make your trip amazing. They do not generally charge fees for travel that includes a hotel or cruise component.

Please visit rosedaletravel.com for more details on services and to request support for a trip. You can also follow along on Instagram at @rosedaletravel, where we recently featured 25 Days of Destinations.


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