Lucy shares her tips for how local pooches can snooze in style.

By Lucy J. Phillips

Dear Lucy,

My human clearly has great design taste. From her cozy couch to her extensive collection of contemporary art, she’s got a great eye for symmetry and texture. As a dog, I may see a totally different color spectrum than humans, but I can tell she chose a great palette that flows well from room to room. To me, the only thing that doesn’t match her elevated style is my dingy dog bed in the corner. It might be out of the way, but I wonder if there are any stylish designs you could point me to that would fit in with the rest of her décor? I’m certain she would love that finishing touch in her home (and I wouldn’t mind showing off a little more of my elegant side when visitors stop by).

Love, Charley the chic Chihuahua

Lucy by Hannah J. Phillips

Dear Charley,

If you’re like me, you spend about 80 percent of the day on your human’s bed anyway, so I’m certain you have only her design needs at heart by writing. Or perhaps you are better trained to stay off the furniture? Somehow, as I wiggled my way further into my human’s heart throughout the years, I managed to get closer and closer on the couch as well. It was all part of the plan. As a puppy, one of my tactics was to eat the stuffing out of all my bedding. I’m fairly certain she only meant to let me sleep on her bed temporarily while shopping for a new dog bed, but here we are six years later still sleeping spine to spine.

Nonetheless, snoozing as much as I do, it’s important to have a luxurious little corner of my own, so I spent hours sniffing out the most stylish pet beds. While I may have been lounging on my human’s bed in the process, I think you’ll yap your heart out at my findings.

For a high-end Texas-meets-Morocco look, check out the fabulous floor poufs from local brand Due East. Made from ethically sourced vintage Moroccan rugs, the vibrant poufs add a perfect pop of color to a minimal home and mix well with other patterns for a blended bohemian look. (As you mentioned, dogs do see color, but on a more limited spectrum than people, so it’s best to consult with your human while shopping to ensure your styles align.)

Another thing I love about Due East is that their poufs do not come pre-stuffed. Most factory-produced dog beds are filled with harmful chemicals and flame retardants, so you may find something “ergonomic” that’s actually leaking toxic ingredients into your system while you sleep. Woof! And while you’ve hopefully outgrown any urges to eat your bedding, imagine how dangerous those compounds might be to ingest! These ingredients also affect your human’s indoor air quality, so I recommend looking for products with low-VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, for both your sakes. Thankfully, that’s just one more reason to shop locally, and I love that this option allows you to fill the pouf with a natural-cotton duvet, pillow or low-VOC foam.

The other thing I love about this design is that it doesn’t look like the concept is too difficult to replicate, substituting a gorgeous Moroccan rug for a DIY project with your favorite blanket. Since I don’t have opposable thumbs, I dug through the Austin Woman archives online to consult one of our former cover women.

Interior designer Claire Zinnecker graced the cover of our November 2017 issue and shared her passion for DIY home-décor projects. Her success has only skyrocketed in the last two years. In 2018 alone, she launched a rug and pillow collection with Lulu & Georgia; starred in the NBC TV program Get Out of My Room, on which she was tasked with renovating kids’ bedrooms; and led the design at chic local restaurant and bar Hank’s.

With two pups of her own, Monty and Emma, Zinnecker shared the following tips for the perfect DIY dog-bed project:

  1. You can use anything you already have in your house: an old Mexican blanket or even a rug. Once you’ve made your selection, fold it in half. This will shorten the steps because you won’t have to sew the folded side. If your blanket has a “wrong” and a “right” side, make sure to sew with the wrong side facing out so you can flip it once it’s finished.
  2. Pin two pieces of the folded blanket together to sew in the zipper. Sewing machines may seem intimidating, but lots of local craft stores have classes. The main skill you need is pushing the fabric in a straight line while pushing the peddle with your foot.
  3. Pin the two remaining sides and sew a straight line.
  4. Turn the sewn blanket right side out and fill it with your favorite blanket or pillow.

For a full tutorial, search for “DIY dog bed with Claire Zinnecker” on YouTube to check out the step-by-step video. Whether you shop for high-end vintage poufs or opt to DIY, it’s easy to balance both comfort and style on any budget. And who knows? Maybe with a little upgrade, you’ll actually sleep on your own bed for once. Happy snoozing!

Love and slobbery kisses, Lucy 

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