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With studios in Westlake, Mueller and on South Lamar, StretchLab is helping people of all ages, fitness backgrounds and activity levels increase their range of motion through one-on-one assisted stretching.

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Consistent Approach to Flexibility

The first thing many people do when they get out of bed is take time for a big stretch to start the day and wake up the body. Sadly, that’s where stretching ends for most. StretchLab offers a consistent approach to working on your flexibility and range of motion. This is so important to your overall health. At StretchLab you work with one of our highly trained Flexologists who have been through rigorous training and have a background in body work. Massage therapists, physical therapy assistants and personal trainers make up the majority of their experience. Your Flexologist will help you better understand your body, while also assessing your current range of motion and creating a customized stretch routine just for you. During a 50-minute assisted stretch, your Flexologist will manually stretch your body and focus on any tight or problem areas you might have.

The true magic at StretchLab is the PNF, or “contract and release” stretching. This is where we provide resistance to unlock your muscles and get a deeper stretch than you can achieve on your own. An assisted stretch doesn’t hurt, but your Flexologist will work with you on a tension scale to ensure proper form and maximize results.

Progress You Can Feel

We offer monthly memberships with one or two sessions per week to optimize your progress. After your initial stretch, your body loosens and muscle tension releases. The long-term progress you will notice in your body is truly amazing! “We have seen clients who were in chronic pain for years: sciatic pain, general muscle soreness and tension. [They] have seen such great results with their StretchLab membership.” says Rachel Stanley, owner of StretchLab studio. “What has been inspiring [about]opening these three studios is the incredible diversity we have in our clients and staff. We are able to help 10-year-old competitive dancers, athletes of all ages and sports and older clients who are looking to just increase their range of motion to help improve their golf game or just play with their grandkids better. StretchLab is transforming their lives to make them more active and simply move better throughout their day.”

A first-time 50-minute stretch is only $49 and comes with a free 3D body scan score with StretchLab’s MAPS machine. The MAPS machine measures your mobility, activation, posture and symmetry to help your Flexologist understand your body’s current flexibility level.

You can easily make an appointment at stretchlab.com.


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