Buyer Joannah Hillebrandt gives us a look at the boutique’s latest arrivals and must-have pieces for the season.

By Michelle Washington, Photos by Riley Krauss

Austin is a city known for its fashion, its overall laissez-faire approach to daily wear and a place that embraces staying true to oneself. One boutique has created a haven for Austinites who are constantly at the forefront of the latest trends, style mavericks, if you will. Kiki Nass invites shoppers in with welcoming décor that is a mix between contemporary and bohemian chic.

With a name as unique as the merchandise it sells, this style treasure trove has become one of Austin’s best boutiques for sophisticated, fashion-forward women, carrying everything from casual wear to cocktail dresses. Hillebrandt makes it a point to showcase local fashion designers in the store, as well as upcoming designers from Germany and Amsterdam whose pieces you won’t find anywhere else in the city.

Kiki Nass appeals to all age demographics and was founded on the belief that there is no age limit for self-expression and creativity, even if you are a professional who wants to amp up your wardrobe with graphic Ts paired with a corporate suit.

For the fall season, Kiki Nass offers the perfect opportunity to reinvent your wardrobe with unique pieces. Be bold by transitioning into fun separates you will keep for years to come. This season, the store’s inventory reflects just how much the 1980s look has taken center stage, with sweet yet edgy pieces adorned with ruffles. Although runways are declaring red as the go-to color, take notice of pastels during the fall season. Lace, leather, stylish patches, T-shirts in oxford fabric, strategically placed embroidery and distressed denim are also trending.

Kiki Nass’ carefully curated racks are the perfect place to start transitioning your wardrobe this fall. If you’re a fashionista who loves playful and edgy pieces, Kiki Nass is the store for you.

Austin Woman caught up with Hillebrandt and got the first look at her favorite fall pieces.


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