The Austin Woman staff proves there are many ways to survive out there.


Parke Ballantine

Director of Events and Branding Strategy

While I’m not a survivalist in the strictest sense of knowing how to forage or build shelter from string and gum, I do consider myself a strong survivor and feel that my spiritual and creative practices are the skills that helped me live through it all so far. As the past year has highlighted, being able to care for our holistic health is essential to our collective survival. The impact of coronavirus and lockdown forced me to double down and prioritize the rituals and activities that support me in being vulnerable, expressive, confident and connected in order to survive. In no particular order some of these things are dancing, dressing up, laughing, cooking, meditating, yoga, reading, drawing, writing, watching films, listening to music and breathing.


Anne Cox

Production Coordinator

Oh, this is such a hard one for me. I’ve always said that if I was ever in the Hunger Games I would die first LOL. I’m also scared of bugs and am definitely not equipped with any skills useful for the great outdoors. But if we’re talking about surviving day-to-day life, I would say something that’s really important to me is keeping up the close friendships with my besties. It’s so incredibly easy to get caught up in the state of the world and feel sad for all the things you can’t control. Taking a break from all of that to do dumb things with my friends is always much needed, and I would say 100% necessary for survival. Oh, and wine! Can’t forget about wine.


Emily Manning

Marketing Intern

I practice meditation. Meditation and breath control are survival skills that don’t seem too important, but without controlling your breathing and organizing your thoughts there’s no way to get things done. Living in such a fast-paced world, meditating is the only time I can take out of my day to stop and give my mind a break from the constantly turning wheels. I think finding a quiet space that we feel comfortable in and clearing our thoughts is a necessity in surviving this busy society we’ve built.


Dawn Weston


One of my means of survival these days is 30 minutes of exercise daily. It can be a cycling class, yoga or just a walk around my neighborhood. The moments and movement keep me sane.


Cy White

Managing Editor

It’s an unfortunate cliche, but I absolutely do not walk anywhere at night. If I’m already out and have to walk, I make sure I leave before the sun goes down. I say unfortunate cliche because, yeah, it’s a thing that women have to think about. I’m sure not every woman is that concerned about walking around at night, particularly if they’re with other people. And I admit I’m more comfortable when I’m with somebody else. But I absolutely do not feel safe being out at night. Too many things can (and have) happened to the point I’m very wary of my surroundings, especially when it’s too dark to see everything. (Here’s a picture of my cat keeping me safe!)



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