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Krisna Menier

Community and Events Manager

I’d love to say my favorite mompreneur is myself, but as I reflect I realize I find my inspiration and drive to be better from none other than the hilarious Kristen Bell. From her hit mini segment “Momsplaining” to her amazing line of baby products, Hello Bello, as well as her line of CDB products, Happy Dance, and her all-inclusive book The World Needs More Purple People, Kristen Bell embodies what it is to be a graceful and powerful mompreneur. As a mother to two daughters, Delta and Lincoln, Kristen doesn’t pretend to be the perfect parent but rather is outspoken about the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes the baby books make it look like there is always a right way, and moms worry that they can’t achieve it. But Kristen reminds us all that parenting is hard, and moms just need to do their best and learn to laugh and enjoy the ride.

Jen Ramos Perkins

Director of Business Operations

My favorite mompreneur in Austin is Kim Anthony. Kim has more than 18 years as an educator in social service, counseling and education; is certified in college counseling, conflict management, negotiation and life and wellness coaching; and is the founder and CEO of Single Moms Society, where I met her. SMS is a resource, referral and community hub for single parents in the Austin area and around the nation. She’s a single mom herself and has a real passion for helping single parents find resources, especially those parents who do not qualify for some community benefits but still need help, not only making ends meet, but creating a wonderful home environment where the absence of two parents does not affect the well-being of the home. I attended the virtual Singlemomathon in 2022 and really enjoyed hearing stories and experiences from other single parents, as well as getting great advice about going back to work after an absence, how to handle co-parenting and the importance of self-care. I really enjoyed the sense of community and connection at the event. Did I mention that Kim is also a poet and published author? This woman really does it all, with style and grace to boot!


Cy White

Managing Editor

Shonda Rhimes. A woman who needs no introduction. I’m not very prolific when it comes to watching television shows. In fact, I can’t even say that I’ve finished watching Ms. Rhimes’ shows. However, hers are one of a select few that I have no problem diving into, no matter how long between viewings. The governor of Shondaland, Ms. Rhimes is one of the many filmmakers who have reaffirmed the power of Black storytelling and excellence in the medium and has forced the establishment to seriously reassess its underestimation of Black creativity. Her characters, particularly the Black women leading Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, are complex, emotional, frighteningly intelligent and above all else, ferociously human. She creates worlds and characters I can relate to and who I root for every single week. With Shondaland, she’s given women the ability to create stories that fully express the spectrum of our creative minds and capabilities.



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