Austin Woman to the people of Uvalde, Buffalo and beyond: We see you, and we are here.

Anne Cox

Production Manager

Heartbroken, angry and, to be honest, defeated. Those are all emotions that come to mind when I think about the recent tragedy in Uvalde. Whenever an incident like this happens, the first question that gets asked is, “How could we have prevented this?” And the answer continues to be right in front of us, as it has been for nearly a decade. My thoughts and well-wishes are with the victims’ families and with every child that has to walk back into school this fall. 

Evelyn Deal

Editorial Intern

I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news about another school shooting, but this time at an elementary school. This was back in 2012. I remember exactly where I was, once again, when I heard about another elementary school shooting, this time in Uvalde. My heart aches. I cannot possibly imagine what it is like for those undergoing this directly. I want to encourage everyone to take a second to remember the innocent young victims who had their entire lives in front of them. We owe it to them to never forget and to fight for the change we’d like to see in this country. 

Krisna Menier

Community & Events Manager

School is supposed to be a place where children go to learn, to explore, to make friends and memories to last a lifetime. A place where they can dream of their future. My heart breaks for the children at Robb Elementary School whose futures were so abruptly taken from them. Condolences will never be enough. It’s time to make a change. Make the change for these children, make a change for the children walking scared into class this fall, make a change for your child.

Jen Ramos Perkins

Director of Business Operations

Dear families of Uvalde, you have my thoughts and prayers. You also have my tears: I cry knowing you will never hold your precious babies, and mommas, again. You have my voice: I will speak out against the availability of the AR-15 rifle every chance I get. You have my vote: I will vote for candidates who support gun control. I stand with you, Uvalde, and I will do what is in my power to change policies that allow our innocent citizens to be taken from us too soon.

Katherine Powell

Editorial Intern

No words can describe the tragedies that took place in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, this year. Gun violence events like Buffalo and Uvalde require us to reevaluate the dire need for mental health resources and further education on gun control and safety. These tragedies were unfathomable and heartbreaking. As a society, we must never forget what occurred at these events so we may hold our lawmakers to higher standards regarding gun violence.

Brianna Salinas

Editorial Intern

Whether it’s a big city or a small town, this type of grief has become all too common. My deepest sympathies go out to the families and communities deeply affected by these senseless acts. I stand with you in your sorrow and anguish and continue to keep you close to my heart.

Cy White

Managing Editor

I was 12 when Columbine happened. Though in a completely different state, school let out early because of the news. Thirteen years later, I was working at my desk at an office when news broke of another shooting in a school, elementary this time. I had to walk out of the office. Another decade goes by, we’re here again, no fewer than three mass shootings in the span of a week, one at another elementary school. Every time it takes another piece of me. Every time giving another part of my soul to families torn apart by violence that was completely avoidable.

Someone said it best when Sandy Hook happened: When the country decided it was okay with elementary-age kids being shot and killed at school, we were lost. I don’t want to believe that, but actions always speak louder than words. My heart breaks once again for families torn apart, and it’s starting to become harder to put the shattered fragments back together. I don’t have words that will be more meaningful than having their loved ones in their arms. I can only hope that with my small voice I can assure them that we stand behind them and will fight for them until those in charge of this country decide they value human life over…whatever it is they value enough to keep letting this happen. To the families in Uvalde, Buffalo, Miami, Sandy Hook, Columbine and countless others, we stand with you always and forever.



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