Interior designer Jaimie Anand shares six simple hacks to transform your home this season.

By Elizabeth Ucles, Photo by Caitlin Candelari

Spring is in full swing, meaning it’s time to hit the ground running with spring-cleaning. Whether it’s rummaging through your closet, organizing the cabinets or combing through a seemingly endless purse collection, spring is the time for a shift in perspective. Jaimie Anand of award-winning Austin-based Jaimie Anand Interiors, offers her best tips for the season.


While Anand admits cleaning every nook and cranny is quite the challenge, she suggests starting with these three spaces for optimal impact.

  1. Closets. No matter how attached you think you are to that sweater you wore once three winters ago, it’s time to take it to Goodwill. Take a long, hard look at the clothes and shoes in your closet and really think about the last time you wore them. “If you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it, give it away or donate it,” Anand says.
  2. Medicine cabinets. It’s time to attack the part of your home that often goes unnoticed during typical spring-cleaning and clear out all unused and expired products. “If you haven’t used it, you’re not going to use it,” Anand says. Once you’ve cleared your medicine cabinet you’ll have a new space to fill.
  3. Rugs. Get your rugs cleaned. During spring-cleaning, most people go right to getting their carpets professionally cleaned without giving their rugs a second thought. “Have somebody come in and clean that rug. It will make such a big difference. It will look brand new,” Anand says.

Spring-cleaning doesn’t just have to be about minimization. Once your home is clean and uncluttered, it’s time for the fun part.

  1. Replace your doormat. This seemingly small change is key to setting the tone of your home. Swap your old mat with a vibrant print from Target or a home store. “It sounds so small, but change it,” Anand says. “It gets dirty over the winter. Get something fun and colorful.”
  2. Change out your throw pillows. What better way to change the vibe of your home than in the room where everyone comes together? Switch out the throw pillows in your living room with brighter ones. “It will change an entire room,” Anand says. Let go of the worry of the pillows not matching the existing scheme. The switch will change the space for the better.
  3. Add fresh flowers. Last but not least, and Anand’s personal favorite, adding fresh flowers to your space just screams spring. Anand suggests purchasing fresh bundles from Trader Joe’s. Putting the flowers in a bright vase will automatically add color to your home. “It livens an entire space up,” Anand says. And if you don’t have time to pick up fresh flowers every week, Anand suggests heading to CB2, HomeGoods or Target to invest in a few vases and bright fillers.

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