Latinas have continued to set a high standard for ingenuity and innovation in tech and STEAM fields.

By Austin Woman, Compiled by Gretel Perera and Cy White

In the world of tech, Latinas have certainly staked a claim. They’ve excelled and revolutionized every corner of the industry. Just like the culture itself, Latina influence is eclectic and varied. From gaming to travel, engineering and computer sciences, there’s no area of tech and STEAM these women haven’t influenced. However, it’s an unfortunate yet unsurprising reality that women continue to be far underrepresented in tech and STEAM fields. According to a recent study by Built In, women compromise 25% of computer-related jobs. Of that percentage, Latinas in tech represent 2% of the industry. That being said, these women aren’t playing the odds; they’re playing to win. The women listed, while not an exhaustive representation, are kicking the door down and throwing stones at that glass ceiling.


Gracie Arenas Strittmatter

Supervising Director, Tiburon Technical Operations at EA Sports

As the supervising director of Tiburon technical operations at EA Sports, Gracie Arenas Strittmatter is no stranger to the ever-changing landscape of gaming. As games become more visually and thematically complex, the people behind their creation are even more crucial to the commercial and critical success every company craves. Bring in Arenas Strittmatter, who’s worked on some of the most iconic franchises in gaming including Star Wars, Madden NFL and NBA Live.

Arenas Strittmatter also understands what it means to have to make a mark. Growing up in a Latino home and as the first woman to graduate university in her family, she advocates for women of color, and particularly Latinas, to advance in both their education and in the tech and STEAM fields. As part of her intentional advocacy, she serves as global co-chair for EA’s Hispanic/Latino Employee Resource Group, Somos EA and has volunteered with ACM SIGGRAPH for nearly 20 years. She volunteers in the community to introduce students to careers in games and serves on the industry board for the Texas A&M Department of Visualization.

Carolina Barcenas

Head of Platform Data Science at Airbnb

Carolina Barcenas is a seasoned senior technology executive who has helped organizations transform divisions to accelerate innovation, incubate artificial intelligence products, manage risk in ecommerce portfolios, contribute to the design of platforms to support artificial intelligence and develop strategy.

She is currently the head of Platform Data Science at Airbnb. Previously, she was at Visa for seven years in various leadership positions, including serving as the senior vice president of Visa Research, where she led the organization responsible for innovation in AI, blockchain and security.

Barcenas is one of the most senior and most experienced Latina executives working in the area of AI. She serves on the boards of various organizations, including L500, a new private network of Latinas focused on empowering and elevating more Latinas into executive roles. Originally from Mexico, she graduated from the Tec de Monterrey and has a master’s and Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Rosandra Silveira

Rosandra Silveira, a valued executive at Dell Technologies, has built a steady career within the technology industry, with a special emphasis on driving business transformations and building strategic partnerships. She currently spearheads the Global Retail Sales division as the senior vice president. Silveira’s journey with Dell, which spans more than 16 years, began in Brazil where she held the position of general manager for Consumer and Small Business Sales.

Hailing from a small town in Brazil, Silveira’s story showcases her commitment to her work and her ability to adapt to changing roles and responsibilities. Her 25 years of leadership experience have provided her with a broad understanding of the technology industry, helping her effectively manage diverse teams and navigate different market scenarios.

Beyond her corporate work, Silveira offers her guidance and mentorship to panels and groups focused on the professional development of minorities. As a co-founder and board member of L500, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting Latinas into executive roles, she exemplifies her commitment to fostering an inclusive work environment. Additionally, she is an executive member of the Forbes Council for Business Development, providing her insights and knowledge to the respected network of business leaders.

Elsa Zambrano

Senior Vice President, Global Talent and Culture at NXP Semiconductors

With a career spanning 30-plus years focused on driving business results in the technology and service industries, Elsa Zambrano has led global HR organizations in 21 countries with more than 60,000 employees, supporting business GMs with $20 billion-plus global organizations.

As senior vice president of Global Talent and Culture at NXP Semiconductors, most recently, she developed and implemented flexible work and well-being strategies to address the effects of the pandemic on NXP’s global workforce. She also partnered with senior executives to define NXP’s purpose, evolved values and behaviors to energize the workplace culture and engage the team.

Zambrano joined NXP in 2019, leading the global country HR teams and Operations HR. Prior to that, she held various HR leadership positions with ISS, Sitel, Dell and Applied Materials. She has implemented enterprise-wide, centralized HR structures and created centers of excellence, operating in numerous business environments, including high-growth, turnaround, acquisition integration and restructuring.

Zambrano earned her bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University and her master’s from the University of San Francisco. She currently resides in Austin and is a board member of the Andy Roddick Foundation.


Mónica Talán

Founder, CryptoConexión

With more than two decades of experience in strategic communications and public relations, Mónica Talán is a dynamic entrepreneur and award-winning leader in the field of communications and innovation. She is the founder of CryptoConexión, a Spanish-language platform that educates and empowers Latino audiences on the topics of crypto, blockchain, NFTs and AI. Launched in October 2021, the platform has already gained traction and recognition in the industry, thanks to her vision and expertise.

Talán is passionate about leveraging technology to create impactful and engaging communication strategies that drive awareness, behavior change and consumer engagement. She has completed several MIT Executive Education online programs, including Artificial Intelligence in Business, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies, and has applied her knowledge and skills to various projects and initiatives. She is also a champion of diversity, gender equality and entrepreneurship, serving as an advisor, mentor and speaker for various organizations and programs, such as Money 20/20, Amplify USA, Latitud, Google Launchpad and Morgan Stanley’s Multicultural Innovation Lab.



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