When years as a travel nurse began to take their toll, Sarah Boisvert found art as a form of healing and self-discovery.

By Monica Godinez, Photos by Sarah Boisvert


After nearly a decade of working as a travel nurse, Sarah Boisvert is now devoting her time to painting. At her doctor’s recommendation, she came to the decision to leave her nursing job for her overall well-being and safety. She decided to call Austin home after one of her assignments brought her to the city, coincidentally leading to her meeting her now husband.

Amidst the turmoil of the last year, Boisvert found herself. At heart, she has always been a creative person, from her published short stories to her venture with hand-sewing. “I have always tinkered with creating…so painting just followed,” she shares. What started as a therapeutic escape from her bustling career has become, in such a short time, a full-blown business venture. 

Wherever the Brush Takes Me

Boisvert freehands all of her paintings, playing it by ear and letting her brushes decide the next stroke for her. Much like her writing, her paintings detail stories of everyday life and events she wants her audience to visualize. “I tend to use [the]places I visited as inspiration. The travels and experiences decide the style of painting and colors I choose,” she says. The colors seen within her paintings are, she reveals, “from the inside, I don’t ever have a plan. On days that I am really fired up, that is when you see those [multitudes]of vibrant colors.”

Unlike other well-known artists such as Picasso, Boisvert uses shades of blue to inspire joy from her audiences. “My blues are more of a happy thing; they tend to be ocean scenes and the good memories of being at the beach.” One thing is strikingly clear, Boisvert’s paintings evoke a nostalgic yet surprisingly perceptual work.

Her Influences

Boisvert’s usage of unfiltered phrases contributes to the realism present in her artwork. Despite her brief introduction to the art world, she has amassed various influences, especially those who integrate themes of neoclassicism. Her number one inspiration and main influence is Jean-Michel Basquiat, she reveals. Since her commencement with painting, she has felt drawn to modern grunge-style from the start. “I just do whatever I feel like.” she shares. “Some days I paint pretty beach portraits to make my mom happy.” At the end of the day, Boisvert’s feelings dictate her artwork in the exact moment she carries a brush. 

This is truly only the beginning for Sarah Boisvert. Recognizing she is new to painting, she has big plans for the future and cannot wait to begin showcasing her artwork to larger audiences. Despite being relatively new to the art world, Boisvert wants to continue to expand her talents, exposure and connections with Austin’s community. She hopes that her audience continues to appreciate the candid nature of her paintings. 

Find out more about Sarah Boisvert and her art on Instagram at @beinspiredabstracts.


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