Dentists and Philanthropists

Photo by Taylor Prinsen, Sponsored Content 

Dentists Juli Powell and Ada Tiller of Powell & Tiller Dental Care have cared for the smiles of Austinites young and old for 25 years. While they have always loved meeting, caring for and becoming old friends with their many patients, they also care for those outside their practice by providing charitable dentistry at clinics as close as Austin and Round Rock, Texas, to as far away as Zambia, Africa. But in 2018, they took it one step further by establishing Powell & Tiller Dental Care’s Cause of the Month. So far this year, Powell and Tiller have given to health-related charities such as the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust, the Alzheimer’s Association and many others. “Our patients are excited to learn what we are giving to each month and feel a part of it,” Tiller says. When asked if with all this, they still have time for new patients, Powell replies, “Absolutely! Our doors are always open.”


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