Pascal Nu’s Devon Stonebrook is a true innovator when it comes to her edgy line of handbags.

By Niki Jones, Photos By Devon Stonebrook and Erin Holsonback

When it comes to design, it’s difficult to create something that’s never been done before, but Devon Stonebrook has proven it’s possible. Combining her background in architecture with a knowledge of digital fabrication, she creates unique, modern pieces finished with some serious precision hand-leather crafting. Some of Stonebrook’s handbags are cast in concrete with lucite details, and the juxtaposition of such different materials is what sets the line apart from anything else on the market. In her small, modern East Austin studio, her Pascal Nu bags are displayed thoughtfully, each one more interesting than the next. To see the collection online or to schedule an appointment to see them in the showroom, visit

“Coming from a background in architecture, I design handbags that feature an unconventional combination of materials like concrete, acrylic, resin and leather. I design and assemble each bag from scratch at my studio using a hybrid of digital fabrication and traditional leather-craft techniques. Most bags feature intricate hand-lacing, fully lined leather interiors and numbered acrylic hardware.”

Devon Stonebrook

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