As a leader of tech in Austin, Nuha Elkhiamy envisions and creates representation and community support at Google. 

By Tess Harmon, Photo courtesy of Google

Nuha Elkhiamy believes her commitment to inclusivity started at birth. As a first-generation Egyptian immigrant, she recalls navigating a new culture with her parents. She also remembers a strong support network of Muslim immigrants. Currently a top executive at Google Austin, Elkhiamy feels a profound sense of responsibility to center inclusivity in all aspects of her work.

In addition to her role as Google Austin’s site lead, Elkhiamy works as the director for People Operations Technology. In these two positions, she collaborates with multiple departments, overseeing initiatives surrounding DEI, talent development, culture and site growth. While she is heavily involved on-site building inclusive environments, Elkhiamy believes a critical part of her role is creating opportunities for community involvement. 

“It’s a really exciting opportunity to work at the intersection of people and technology and serving our employees in the moments that matter the most, and then enabling them to do the best work of their lives,” Elkhiamy says. “One of my favorite parts of the role is the ability to find opportunities for our Googlers to be matched to local organizations through Google-led programs. We want to have a positive economic impact in the community. We do that by investing in the entire tech ecosystem. That looks like providing assistance at elementary schools for computer science curriculum. But then also ensuring that Black Founders, for example, aren’t being left out.” 

True Community Impact

Elkhiamy sees the impact that these programs, the employees and the technology have had on the Austin community, finding inspiration to continue pushing for inclusive spaces. She speaks to a wide range of programs designed to create an inclusive workplace at Google. These include outreach and hiring initiatives to build more representative teams, investing in career development for underrepresented employees and expanding health care resources. These programs are happening not just globally, but in Austin as well. 

“For me, as a leader locally, too, I’m making sure that every Googler feels heard, connected and supported,” she says. “Feels that they have a pathway to participate fully at our site. We support a number of initiatives to increase representation at Google but also more broadly in the tech industry. As part of the DEI pillar, which I led for just shy of two years, we hosted a ‘leading with empathy’ training last year specifically targeted toward our manager population. Making sure our managers felt more comfortable navigating potentially sensitive situations and discussions with their team members.”

Elkhiamy: Shared Experience

In focusing on support and inclusivity, Elkhiamy draws from her own experience as a Muslim woman in tech. When she faces obstacles, she follows her motto of “breaking down the wall of the unknown.”

“When I think about this concept of ‘breaking down the wall of the unknown,’ for me, like many women who wear a hijab, one of the biggest obstacles I have faced is really that fear of the unknown, where someone has preconceived notions about me. But in my experience, the majority of the time, it really just took people getting to know me first as a fellow human and really trusting in my abilities to break down that wall,” Elkhiamy says.

“I share this because I think many women have had similar experiences where their qualification, capabilities have really been questioned. In spite of that, I do encourage women not to hold back or be afraid to open up and start off with the basis of trusting that people will come around. I spent years breaking down that wall of the unknown. I really encourage other women to do the same.” 

Elkhiamy also believes creating a strong network and cycle of support within a company is key to facing obstacles in male-dominated fields.


“I found building a community and finding allies to be beneficial for me in my career,” she says. “Whether it was joining a women’s ERG, or employee resource group, or engaging in community activities focused on equitable outcomes. I’ve had the opportunity to build really deep connections with other people through these teams. I try to do my best to show up for others so they know they’re heard and they have an advocate in their corner.” 

Proudest Accomplishment

While Elkhiamy is invested in the inclusion of employees on-site, she also emphasizes a focus on community outreach across Austin, which is essential to her vision of inclusivity. Under her supervision and collaboration with colleagues, this work has occurred through advocacy, partnerships with local organizations and workshops. For example, in February, Google supported Computer Science for Texas at the Code @ the Capitol event, aiming to encourage Texas policymakers to invest in computer science. Google’s volunteer commitment to Code2College, a Texas-based nonprofit that aims to help minority and low-income students pursue STEM careers, as well as their resume, interview and STEM workshops for high school and college students are central to these initiatives as well. 

Elkhiamy has been passionate about community involvement and inclusivity throughout her entire career. Before arriving in Austin, she was a co-champion for General Electric’s first Girls Who Code summer program. When she came to Google, she developed an early talent career pipeline and started the DEI pillar, leveraging programs that cater to university and high school students. Her commitment and responsibility to these aspects of her position are part of what makes her leadership role in Austin her proudest professional accomplishment. 

“Seeing the passion our Googlers bring every day to work both in the Google and even in our external community, by engaging in STEM outreach, is really what makes me so proud and honored to be in this role. The message here is for my fellow Austin women. I encourage you to find confidence in your past successes and strength in your network. Really take that forward as you take bold steps into uncharted territory. That experience may very well end up being your proudest career accomplishment.”


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