Monica Ceniceros has created a space for artists to creatively express themselves in every way.  

By Monica Godinez, Cover Image by Breezy Ritter

Monica Ceniceros | Photo by Joaquin Sosa

Monica Ceniceros is the definition of a creative, talented and driven woman. She has been a part of Austin’s art scene for more than a decade, and her contribution to the community has only grown with time. She is an artist, founder and CEO whose contributions to the Austin scene include atxGALS, The Cathedral and Creative Box Studios.

Despite her time in Austin, she calls Mexico her home. Her work is reflective of her upbringing in Monterrey, Mexico, with her use of vibrant color and the lively depictions etched into her artwork. 

Mexico on a Canvas

Since childhood, the culture at the heart of Mexico surrounded Ceniceros. “Growing up [among]Mexico’s culture greatly influenced my artwork,” she says. “The culture is reflected in the colors and feelings seen in my art.” The country’s lively culture resonates in her pieces; the bright colors, dancing figures and powerful emotions are visible, almost tangible, in her art. Ceniceros honors her culture in every way possible. “[It begins with] the colors I use,” she says. “I am very [drawn]to bright colors. Growing up in Mexico, there’s a colorful culture surrounding you everywhere you go. There’s loud music, upbeat dancing and vibrant flowers.”

The authenticity is present. Her artwork is an honest reflection of the environment she grew up in. Ceniceros captures the small details, from the influential women surrounding her to patrons dancing spiritedly to the invisible bandas.  

The Woman in Red | Monica Ceniceros

The Monica Ceniceros Style

Cinceros prides herself in her woodwork and her ability to branch out and experiment with new methods. Her ability to transcend her usual techniques demonstrates her mastery as an artist. “My art is unique in the way that I choose particular wood panels based on the grain of the wood,” she elaborates. “I work with the natural grain of the wood to enhance and bring out authentic women figures and floral textures.”

Her artwork embraces the uniqueness of every individual. The purpose of her woodwork is “not to hide any imperfections,” but rather to accept them and understand that these are not flaws. For differences are what make each one of us unique. Her technique evokes feelings of pride and allows the audience to celebrate “the little things that set everyone apart.”

The Cathedral | Photo by Nicola Gell

She encourages her audience to “be proud of everything we have been given in life and to own your individuality.” Each one of her pieces is one-of-a-kind with the sole intention of illustrating that much like us, her artwork is not replicable. 


Monica Ceniceros understands how overwhelming it is to embark on a new journey and how it becomes your career. She had to do the same years ago. Her advice: “To understand [everything]you do is a part of the process. Put yourself out there,” she encourages. “[Give] yourself the chance to meet other artists.” With a decade of expertise under her belt, her words are full of wisdom. Establish yourself and the success will soon follow.


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