Melony Rodwell’s whimsical balloon creations are the life of every party. 

By Courtney Runn, Bachelorette party by Jennifer Lindberg, Headshot by Cory Ryan, Other photos by Melony Rodwell

From boats to business openings to bachelorette parties, Melony Rodwell’s balloon creations are popping up everywhere. Encountering her creations is like stepping into the last scene of a chick flick: Colorful balloons spill into the sky, arch over doors and crowd the sidewalk, evoking smiles as bright as Jennifer Garner’s or Reese Witherspoon’s. All that’s needed is a Sixpence None the Richer song playing in the background to complete the movie magic.

Rodwell grew up loving balloons. Her parents would fill the living room with balloons for birthdays, and she’s carried on the tradition with her own kids. Once she started bringing balloons to school events, she realized she had a “knack for over-the-top balloon installations.”

Melony Rodwell Balloons Bachelorette

“With the internet at my fingertips and an abundance of inspiration, my balloon designs became an art form for me and quickly integrated into my floral-design business,” she says.

With larger installations, Rodwell can use anywhere from hundreds to thousands of balloons. For an upcoming project, she’s expecting to use more than 50,000—the largest amount yet.

“I tend to be most captivated by the magic of movement,” she says. “With the right design elements in place, it only takes a slight breeze or even a passing car to bring the installation to life.”

“My why to all of this is 100 percent witnessing the literal joy these brightly colored latex bubbles bring to everyone who encounters our installations. … It’s like a crazy, universal, happy love language we just can’t get enough of.”




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