Photo courtesy of Mel Christina

Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas, Mel Christina always dreamed of living in the eclectic, spirited and diverse world that is the capital city, Austin. A little more than four years ago, she found herself a single mom and made the bold move to Austin because she thought, “If not now, when?” That became her defining mantra. That same mantra led her to daringly ditch the safety and comfort of her former career as an administrator in education and pursue her lifelong passion for all things creative. Christina launched her photography business last October and has since found her evolving creative voice to capture authentic and unscripted beauty in people, places and stories. It is with great passion and excitement Christina endeavors to create art with her camera. She is humbled, inspired and basically giddy (the loud-laughing, squealing variety) to be able to do work she truly loves. Christina has since found love, amazing work and is proud to serve Austin and the surrounding areas, all affirming her decision to live in the greatest city in Texas!


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