Explore Mariangela’s musical journey stemming in Monterrey, Mexico, going to San Antonio, Texas and now, SXSW.

Mariangela @ SXSW

By Isabel Neumann, Photos by Madero Agustin

Alternative artist Mariangela brings her unique blend of cultural influences and raw emotion to the forefront of SXSW’s bustling energy. She is an artist based out of San Antonio, Texas, who recently released her first album, Sensible, and is ready to make her mark in the music industry. 

Mariangela’s musical odyssey began in Monterrey, Mexico, where her parents’ love for music laid the foundation for her own passion. Recalling tender memories of her mother singing to her as a baby, she reminisces. “It used to get to me so much. Music was the only thing that helped me handle my emotions.” Raised in Monterrey’s alternative music scene, she later moved to Texas, where she was introduced to a diverse array of genres, from country to rock. This fusion of cultural influences laid the groundwork for her distinctive sound, a reflection of her eclectic musical upbringing. 

Describing her music as “alternative-pop-rock,” Mariangela resists confining herself to a single genre, preferring instead to explore the multifaceted nature of her artistic expression. “I feel like it’s a mixture of everything that I listened to growing up,” she explains. “I wouldn’t just categorize it into one thing.” Indeed, her music transcends boundaries, offering listeners an album that is woven from her myriad influences and personal experiences. 

At the heart of Mariangela’s songwriting lies a profound sense of introspection, drawing inspiration from her life experiences. “I go through so much. Writing about how I’m feeling is the only way I survive life.” With each lyric and melody, she invites listeners into her inner world, offering a glimpse into the depths of her soul. As she aptly puts it, “If you want to know about what’s going on in my life, listen to my songs. That’s where you’ll find my whole life story.” 

For Mariangela, music serves as more than entertainment. It’s a means of connection, a lifeline amidst the tumult of existence. “I really just want to help people out,” she shares. “Compassion is such a big energy in the world. I think music is the best way to connect with and share that compassion with others.” With dreams of touring and performing in venues around the world, she hopes to forge meaningful connections with her audience. 

Reflecting on her SXSW experience, Mariangela recounts both the thrill of performing and the serendipitous encounters that marked her journey. “The first time I ever performed my project was at SXSW two years ago in 2022. So it’s very special to me.”  

As she reflects on the creative process behind her recently released LP, Mariangela emphasizes the deeply personal nature of her work. “It really does tell a story from beginning to end, from the first song to the last song. [It’s] a coming-of-age tale that reflects my experiences and emotions.” Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, she found solace in the collaborative process, working closely with her producer to bring her vision to life. The result is a collection of songs that resonate with authenticity and vulnerability, offering listeners a glimpse into her thoughts and feelings.


Mariangela shares a heartfelt message for her listeners, urging them to embrace the transformative power of music. “As a woman representing both Mexico and the U.S., I’m proud to share my music with the world and to create a space for others to connect with the lyrics and melodies that resonate with their own experiences.” 

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