Eco-Conscious Music Alliance Founder Lisa Pavati believes in the change-inducing power of music.


By Brandi Clark Burton. Photos courtesy of Lisa Pavati

Lisa Pavati moved to Austin from a small town in Oregon where, she reflects, it was easy to have a large impact in a small community. Through her passion for music and the environment, she was able to produce festivals, gather leaders and influence how people related to sustainability with her music and performance art. Now nestled in the Live Music Capital of the World, the visionary founder of the Eco-Conscious Music Alliance (EMA) is orchestrating global collaboration within the music industry, inspiring musicians and fans alike to embrace eco-conscious practices and take action together.

Pavati believes deeply in music’s ability to effect change. “Music has the power to move people, to inspire action and to bring communities together,” she says. “It’s a universal language that transcends boundaries and connects us all.” This sentiment lies at the core of her work with EMA, where she harnesses the change-making power of music to catalyze action for  sustainability while amplifying eco-conscious musicians.

Of course, she walks the talk at her own events. The crowds that attend performances by Pavati’s bands or her performance art group get connected and activated. Right after the experience of singing along to songs about caring for the earth and loving each other, audience members are encouraged to sign up to take tangible action, such as planting gardens for people experiencing food insecurity.

While still in its early stages, Eco-Conscious Music Alliance serves as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change within the music community. Through initiatives such as promoting carbon-neutral touring, advocating for renewable energy usage and raising awareness about environmental issues through music, EMA is leading the charge toward a more sustainable  future. 

In discussing the intersection of music and sustainability, Pavati emphasizes the importance of taking action and bringing community together. “As musicians, we have a unique platform and a responsibility to use our voice for good, including educating people about climate action,” Pavati says. “By adopting eco-conscious practices in our personal lives and professional careers, we can make a tangible difference and inspire others to do the same.”

Indeed, there are numerous actions that individual musicians can take to be more sustainable and regenerative to a thriving world for all. From reducing energy consumption and carbon offsetting touring emissions to choosing sustainable merchandise and supporting environmental causes, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few actionable steps that musicians can take. (Note that these actions might apply to other professions as well.)


Consider This!

  • Reduce Energy Consumption and Choose Green Energy: Invest in energy-efficient equipment and use renewable energy sources whenever possible.
  • Sustainable Transportation: Opt for eco-friendly transportation options such as electric or hybrid vehicles. Carpool whenever possible. Use mass transit.
  • Carbon Offset Touring: Offset emissions from tours by investing in carbon offset programs, supporting reforestation projects and especially supporting organizations that are spearheading tree-planting, soil-building and environmental initiatives where we live and tour.
  • Eco-Friendly Merchandise: Choose sustainable materials like organic or recycled cotton for merchandise and opt for reusable products over single-use or disposable.
  • Reduce Single-Use Plastics: Minimize single-use plastics on tour and opt for reusable or compostable packaging. Ask venues to offer alternatives to single-use water bottles and promote zero-plastic in riders.
  • Conscious Songwriting: Incorporate environmental themes into music to raise awareness, ignite hope and inspire action. 
  • Support Environmental Causes: Partner with causes that are contributing to healthier people, communities and a healthier planet. You can provide visibility for organizations at your performances and/or donate a portion of proceeds to support their initiatives.
  • Educate Fans: Engage with fans to promote sustainable practices and empower them to make greener choices. Share messages and eco-choices that you have made on social media, websites and onstage.

Lisa Pavati and the Eco-Conscious Music Alliance continue to seed sustainability to grow a more thriving world via the messengers and role models of the music industry. Their efforts serve as a reminder that music has the power to not only entertain but also inspire positive change. 

EcoConcept in Action: Musicians Who Champion Sustainability  

  • Local musician Wendy Colonna makes a point to drive her electric vehicle to all gigs that range allows and has solar panels on her home to produce clean, green renewable energy. 
  • Former State Musician of Texas and all-around force for good, Sara Hickman weaves sustainability into every aspect of her life from reusing envelopes to using recycled materials in her art.

Brandi has earned t-shirts at ACL fest by collecting recyclables, and she has produced green events (featuring lots of live music) that have won local and statewide awards for being models of sustainability.

Lisa Pavati is the founder of The Eco-conscious Music Alliance (EMA) and The Sustainable Living Guide. “Uniting In Music, Arising in Action,” EMA mobilizes the change-making power of music to grow sustainability projects. The Sustainable Living Guide is EMA’s educational partner, an innovative eco-hub developing online classes for regenerative sustainability. The organization’s youth branch, GenEarth, supports youth climate activists and helps them develop climate impact projects wherever they live. Pavati’s Living Earth Circle performance art troupe was born on Earth Day 1993 and has featured hundreds of musicians and dancers.

Eco-conscious Music Alliance

Sustainable Living Guide

Living Earth Circle



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