The Kindness Campaign is holding its annual Art of Kindness event, offering families a positive way to nurture emotional wellness.


By McKenzie Henningsen, Photos courtesy of The Kindness Campaign

Trigger Warning: The story makes mention of suicide. Reader discretion advised.

Andra Liemandt is a woman who wears many hats. Beyond product development, developing marketing tactics, speaking with board members and more, she’s the driving force behind the Austin-based nonprofit The Kindness Campaign (TKC). To add another feather in her cap, she’s taken a major role in the planning of TKC’s Art of Kindness event taking place on April 1 and 2.

Her goal with TKC is to create and provide accessible emotional health curricula and programs to both children and adults.

“We’re constantly innovating at The Kindness Campaign, thinking about products and experiences that merge creativity and emotional health,” Liemandt says. “We work with schools, youth organizations, corporate and more. Providing them hands-on curriculum and workshops that teach emotional health skills in an entertaining, artistic way.”

Out of Sorrow Comes the Light

Liemandt founded TKC following the death of a family friend who took her own life when she was 12 years old. Liemandt and her daughters processed the tragedy through creating a shared journal they could write in whenever they needed comfort. These journals helped Liemandt develop the organization’s first campaign and inspired its mascot, Enoughie Buddy.

“TKC was born out of a place of sorrow. Trying to process a devastating loss both as a mother and a friend. But the momentum behind it has always been that one child,” Liemandt says. “If we can help just one more child and prevent a similar tragedy, then I consider my work successful.”

The Art of Kindness on Display

The Art of Kindness is the organization’s annual fundraiser. Liemandt and Executive Assistant to the Founder Jana Bland are hosting the event to promote emotional health and wellness for the local community.

“After the past two years, I hope Art of Kindness will bring together our community for fun,” Bland says. “While the statistics related to mental health and wellness are devastating, I am hopeful that Art of Kindness allows friends of TKC and our community to experience happiness and express that emotion through art and connection.”

Among the numerous company partners and vendors participating at the event this year is co-chair BK Beauty. Founder and CEO, Lisa Jauregui, is a social media beauty influencer and educator.

“I’m also a mom to two young daughters,” Jauregui says. “How I influence their programming around beauty and self-love is my greatest responsibility. As a mom and beauty influencer I started to worry about the message I might be showing my girls around what beauty means. When I thought about my daughters, the pressures they face in the age of social media they are growing up in, I felt called to get involved in supporting our kids. BK Beauty and The Kindness Campaign is a beautiful partnership. I love the work The Kindness Campaign does to support our youth and their mental health.”

A Nontraditional Fundraiser

The Kindness Campaign donated over 1,000 tickets to Title I students and their families to be able to attend the event for free. The Art of Kindness event will feature exclusive previews of The Kindness Campaign’s future products, live art and music displays, mindfulness activations and a meet-and-greet with Enoughie Buddy, among many other activities for attendees to partake in.

“It has always been a goal that TKC’s Art of Kindness be a nontraditional fundraiser. In the sense that our events truly embody the mission and spirit of the team,” Liemandt says. “It is my hope that we continue to provide these essential resources to our community. All of that is made possible by Art of Kindness and our generous donors. We really hope that you come out to experience it this year and mark your calendars for 2023.”

The Kindness Campaign’s Art of Kindness event takes place on April 1 and 2, beginning with the Sponsor Celebration Evening starting at 8 p.m. To learn more about Art of Kindness and purchase tickets, visit



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