To honor her sons and the most important men in her life, Kendra Scott offers the Scott Bros. Collection.


Content by Kendra Scott, photos courtesy of Kendra Scott

What was the inspiration behind the new line? 

For years, Kendra Scott has created success by listening to its customers. The brand found that many women were asking for gifts for the men in their lives. Simultaneously, male customers were looking for an effortlessly trend-forward way to express their style. As a result, the brand created the Scott Bros. by Kendra Scott Collection. The collection carries over its signature use of natural stones and elevated details into a striking suite of men’s jewelry and gender neutral designs. 

True to Kendra Scott’s Family pillar, the new designs were created alongside Kendra’s own teenage sons and named after the most influential male figures in her life. The brand also chose to highlight the men of Kendra Scott within the collection’s campaign imagery. Using team members from across the organization to introduce this exciting new category. (Including the brand’s very own CEO, Tom Nolan.)

Kendra is a mom to three boys, how did they influence her while she was creating the line? 

Family is one of our core pillars at Kendra Scott. So the namesake of Scott Bros. came to life in collaboration with her family. Each style truly represents the unique personalities of her family. And it was great to work alongside them to see this collection come to life. The boys have grown up with this business, so this was truly a full-circle moment for Kendra.

Kendra shares, “I will never forget what an amazing experience it was to design this collection with my sons. My boys have always loved being a part of the design process: Popping into my office during a meeting to see new designs. Picking out new stones and other details that stick out to them. Making product recommendations. I really value their feedback. Them being able to have a much bigger role in this collection has meant so much to all of us.”

The line is designed with some different materials than we’re used to seeing in the KS women’s line? How were those chosen and why?

Scott Bros. the Cade suite

As a business, we have grown and evolved over the years. There is no better time than now to introduce our first ever men’s collection of fun jewelry options. We are proud to introduce Scott Bros. by Kendra Scott, just in time for Father’s Day. We have 20 years of experience designing women’s jewelry and are now applying everything we’ve learned to this new category. We’re focusing on quality (long-lasting sterling silver, natural stones and more elevated details) as well as wearability. Men already shop in our stores for the women in their life. So it is a natural extension and something I have thought about for a very long time.

At Kendra Scott, we celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion with our employees and customers alike. We are proud to be able to now introduce this collection of gender-neutral designs for everyone to feel part of our KS Family! One of the many great things about Kendra Scott is that it’s a brand that truly appeals to all styles and generations. We’re excited to now have the opportunity to provide our male and female customers the experience of Scott Bros. This collection will feature a variety of materials—sterling silver, leather cord, genuine stones and paracord—with price points starting from $68 to $198. Providing something for everyone. 

We celebrated launch day with 50% of all proceeds from the Cade suite supporting the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital Art Therapy program. Going forward, 20% of proceeds from the Cade Bracelet in blue lapis will continue to support PMCH. The rest of the suite will support youth causes. 


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