Founder of MyBody GX

Photo by Courtney Runn

For Kati Epps, MyBody GX represents the interconnection of her distinct passions and expertise: science, unleashing inner strength and serving as a conduit for joyful living. As MyBody GX founder, she consults with clients who are on every phase of their health and fitness journeys. Leveraging the latest advances in genetic testing, she’s able to eliminate the guesswork that had previously surrounded coaching practices. In lieu of cookie-cutter plans, she develops fitness, nutrition and weight-reduction programs that are specific to clients’ lifestyles, goals and genetic makeup. A lifelong athlete and competitive bodybuilder, Epps is enthusiastic about breakthroughs and removing stumbling blocks for a broader spectrum of the population. Deep insights into DNA have eliminated the concept of “average,” and Epps is meeting clients where they are today to offer a depth of genetic insights that are bringing goals within reach.



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