Jumping Jack Dog Ranch is a pet resort like no other. 

By Niki Jones, Photos courtesy of Jumping Jack Dog Ranch

Having your dog on the waiting list at Jumping Jack Dog Ranch in Manchaca, Texas, is likely not dissimilar to what New York City parents experience when trying to get their children into a tony Manhattan preschool. It’s not uncommon for clients to book their dogs’ boarding stay a year out. “Did you get in for next Wednesday?” one dog parent may ask another, only to hear, “We’ve been wait-listed.” 

The ranch offers day-school and day-care services, training, boarding, grooming, photography and pool rentals at its one-of-a-kind dog-themed oasis, which includes a bone-shaped island, doggie beach area and fire-hydrant fountain. 

Jumping Jack’s swimming pool isn’t the only thing that sets the ranch apart from other dog-boarding facilities. Technology is everywhere, from the customer interface (including daily report cards with photos) to the machines used to keep the kennels sparkling clean to virtual tours of the ranch. This makes perfect sense since Owner Brett Mundy comes from both a tech background and a dog-training, -boarding and -grooming background. 

Another differentiation of the 11-acre ranch is that it’s completely force-free, which means no shock, choke or prong collars are allowed. Dog playgroups are handpicked by the staff according to temperament. The ranch’s working dogs are mixed in to help neutralize any potential negative energy. There’s no one-program-fits-all path at Jumping Jack; each dog’s personality and situation is taken into account. There’s even a humans-only playtime option and a geriatric-dog program. 



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