Heidi Carter teaches women the importance of having a healthy relationship with money and financial success.

By Anastasia Vastakis, Photo by Felicia Reed

Whether we are aware of it or not, everyone has a unique relationship with money. Some people are frugal. Others have a way of spending their entire paycheck before the week ends. However, while many are aware of their spending habits, they are not often aware of why those habits developed. Heidi Carter, a spiritual financial guide, uses meditation and journaling to help dismantle women’s negative associations with money. She teaches them how to break their income record. In order for Carter’s clients to do that, she teaches them how to have a healthy relationship with money and view it as something positive and abundant.

Learned Behavior

Carter performs a Money Lineage Healing Ritual to understand why her clients handle money in a specific way. “In our families, not only beliefs, but also emotions and physical reactions about money are passed down through generations,” Carter says. “So we are not always aware of our unconscious beliefs. All those unconscious beliefs are ruling everything we do.” For example, if you were raised in a low-income house, and your parents were frugal with their spending, that could impact the way you view money in your adult life. You hoard money like your parents. Or spend more than you can afford because you didn’t have it as a child.

“A lot of people have had negative experiences with money, so they think of money as this cold thing. They believe what they were taught about money, that conditioning. I help them create their own beliefs about money and get into an emotional relationship with money.”

Carter’s coaching teaches people to work through their financial fears. Whether it’s about earning well, succeeding in their businesses or even failing.

Meeting Your Money Soulmate

After Carter works with her clients to understand their views about money, she walks them through a meditation where they meet their Money Soulmate. This could be anything: a rock, a bear, a waterfall. Carter says, “When the client connects to their Money Soulmate, they begin to feel loved and supported by money. Then that makes it okay to earn more. They develop the desire to take care of their finances. Because now it’s part of taking care of a relationship.” Carter insists the love you receive from your soulmate is essentially like the love you receive from whatever higher power you believe in. Whether that’s God, the universe or anything else.


Financial Success Through a Female Gaze

Carter’s entire approach is about reprogramming the way you think about and handle money. One thing that holds back many of her clients is that they view making money with a masculine perspective.

Carter explains that “the traditional male-led business model includes buttoning up your feelings, competing and doing whatever it takes to win. So there’s a lot of focus on the doing, on the action. Which is awesome,” she insists. “We all need to take powerful actions; that’s a huge component. However, I feel that women bring another component to the table, which is the feminine way of business. This includes connections, intuition, communication, beauty, peace, innovation, a fierce protection of people and children, nurturing, listening. If women have a better relationship with money and finances, their missions are what is going to help make the world better. And they’re going to be able to do that in a more powerful way.”

Female intuition is a powerful tool. When properly guided, it can lead to much financial success. Heidi Carter uses the skills unique to women, along with meditation and understanding one’s past, to make her clients soar above and beyond their income record.

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