For Jessica Wetterer, the easiest ways to grasp joy are found in nature, new experiences and people.

By Jessica Wetterer, Illustrations by Jessica Wetterer


5:30 p.m.

When was the last time you really looked up at the trees? Watched the moon? Listened to the birds as they flew overhead? Though the days are shorter, I try my best to get outside every day and experience being a creature in nature. The easiest joy I find is watching the sunset (which is around 5 p.m. on the East Coast now). When the world is moving fast and I need a breath of joy, I make a point to go on a lunchtime walk to see what life exists, or I slip outside at the opportune moment as the sun is going down and feel the joy of the last glow of the day.


Dec. 25

Joy for me is always at its peak come Christmastime. It’s always my favorite family celebration because of the traditions we have built around it and the people celebrating with me. Every year my family puts on matching PJs, makes a big cheese plate, pops some champagne, digs into a honey-baked ham and goes one-by-one opening gifts under the tree.  It’s not the presents (though those are nice too) but the anticipation and actual act of spending this day together that brings me utmost happiness.


92 feet

Every so often I need a bit of extra joy in my life, and so I look for the spark of something new. Most recently I was on vacation with my husband and saw there was a waterpark nearby. Despite being over 30, we threw on our swimsuits and spent the day riding some of the best waterslides I’ve ever experienced. You can bet I shouted in glee (and maybe terror) as I slid down the 92-foot Tower of Power! While waterparks may be hard to find this time of year, new experiences are all around. Axe-throwing, ice skating, trying a recipe and sharing it with those you love; there’s always joy in trying something new!



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