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The holiday season is a great time to spend with loved ones and be full of good cheer. It’s also, however, a time when waste can pile up; Americans produce more trash during the holiday season than during any other part of the year. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the holidays while also being kind to the environment. Consider some of these tips to help you reduce waste this holiday season.


This might sound odd, but using a real tree may be better for the environment than a fake tree. Synthetic trees are often made with PVC plastics, non-recyclable materials that also create pollution during manufacturing. Additionally, at the end of your fake tree’s life, it has to be buried in a landfill.

Alternatively, Christmas trees are a crop plant that provide many benefits to the environment as they grow. When the time comes for a tree to be cut down, tree farmers will normally create a new tree in its place to grow for future holiday seasons, meaning more environmental benefits can continue.

Additionally, if you use a real tree, companies like Texas Disposal Systems will process the trees for free in recycling and composting programs. These trees will be turned into mulch, soil and compost, all of which are new products that can be used to grow even more trees.


Consider giving your loved ones tickets to events or pampering treatments instead of material objects. Anything from a nice dinner or tickets to the ballet or to an upcoming game or a great massage would make an incredible gift and a chance to make memories.

You can also make something that is consumable, such as a Mason jar filled with the dry ingredients of your favorite cookie or brownie recipe. It’s a sweet treat to share and cuts down on the clutter and trash that would accumulate. If sweets aren’t a favorite for your loved ones, custom-made bath bombs, salts or soaps are a great gift to give as well.


Wrapping paper can be the biggest source of trash and waste during the holidays. Due to their mixed materials, most gift wrapping is not recyclable, meaning lots of garbage after unwrapping.

To help cut down on waste, save the wrapper or bags that gifts come in to reuse for future presents. Similarly, consider buying non-holiday-specific wrapping paper that can be used regardless of holiday or event, or better, use a plain recyclable paper like butcher paper or newspaper. Many have also used scarves or other beautiful fabric to wrap gifts. It adds uniqueness to the gift and gives the intended person an item he or she can wear or use.

The holiday season can be a merry time to spend with the people we love. It will be extra sweet to know we are doing what we can to reduce, reuse and reassess the items we have when we’re celebrating.

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