Owner, Sparrow Interiors

By Lauren Jones, Photo by Caitlin Candelari

At Sparrow Interiors, they work as a team to offer a healthy balance with mind, body and spirit. Sparrow Interiors is a young business and Owner Elizabeth Cates has found throwing yourself into something you love, no matter what it is, can help so much with all three of those things. At Sparrow, they’ve cultivated things Cates personally loves, and her team has helped her accomplish the vision. Cates honors the old and enjoys the new, and Sparrow has a Western cultural influence that runs through the store. After deciding to start a business, Cates was exposed to the incredibly empowering spirit women can give to one another to bless them and set them on their course. A few of those women who have inspired Cates are Dorothy McFall of Johnnie’s Antiques on the Eastside, Suzie Page of Page Home Design, Lisa Mallory of Memphis, Tenn., Dara Davis with Sunset Interiors in Tucson, Ariz., and Berenice Denton. Cates says she is blessed to be a blessing.





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