Eclecticism is on display inside interior designer Jennifer Fisher’s living area.

By April Cumming
Photo by Tim Williams

Where does an interior designer retreat after long days spent consulting on and reimagining the room décor in clients’ homes? For Jennifer Fisher, owner of J.Fisher Interiors, the answer is her East Austin living room, a welcoming space she’s molded into a real-life reflection of everything she loves.

“It’s a carefully curated, eclectic mix of vintage and modern furnishings, accessories with bold patterns and bright pops of color,” Fisher says, adding that the best compliment she’s ever received on her unique living space is, “Wow! It looks like an interior designer lives here!”

Fisher’s treasured, relaxing space serves as a testament to the fact that looking good and costing a fortune don’t necessarily need to go hand in hand, a point she maps out here in her blueprint for replicating her favorite room.

“I believe that every living room should have the ability to seat eight people for conversation. I think it’s a bit tacky when the entire room is oriented to watch television, so finding chairs that would serve a dual purpose without obstructing the TV when it’s in use was particularly important. I also wanted a beautiful way to display my collections of brass elephants and snow globes that didn’t come with a big price tag, so I painted the frame on the metal shelves a shimmery gold since they only came in an uninspiring brown color or black. I always like white walls because I selectively incorporate bold colors through all my designs, especially my power color, turquoise.” —Jennifer Fisher

Use neutral colors for furnishings

“I used a gray sofa and wood chairs.”

Pick bold colors to accessorize

“Add bright pillows, art and large coffee-table books. I selected a bright hot-pink orchid to set atop my favorite Tom Ford book, turquoise pillows and a colorful vintage poster.”

Shop thrift stores 

“…Or Craigslist and estate sales to find unique, low-cost pieces. I found the pair of chairs with the pillows on them at the Salvation Army for $16. They were a steal, and since [the Salvation Army]had no idea what they had, I really made out because they are worth about 180 times that!”

Use a bold patterned rug

“I used a black-and-white striped rug, which is actually neutral, but because of the pattern and the contrasting colors, it reads as super bold.”

Incorporate repurposed pieces

“The blue ‘E’ sign came from Ellis Brooks Chevrolet that was on Van Ness [Avenue] in San Francisco. They were on a flatbed truck and were being thrown out. I asked to take one and they agreed to let me have it. [Today,] I use the ‘E’ sign letter as a table for my lamp. The top is all bent and not strong, so I had a piece of glass cut for the top and now I have an interesting conversation-piece table.”


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