After finding out she was pregnant, Dr. Erika Whitehouse knew she needed help to run her dental practice, Derby Dental. She and her business partner are proving working moms can still be successful business owners.

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When Dr. Erika Whitehouse found out that she was pregnant with her first child, she couldn’t be more excited. In fact, she almost couldn’t believe it. She started thinking about all the new things that would be coming her way: baby showers, nursery decorations, cute little baby clothes and baby toys. Then, it dawned on her: She was the sole owner and dentist at her practice Derby Dental. What was she going to do about her patients and her practice? Like all working mothers, she needed help. She knew she needed not just any dentist. She needed a dentist who shared her philosophy of holistic care, catered to each patient and who jelled with the close-knit dental family she already had in place.  

After months of looking for the perfect addition to her team, fate stepped in and a miracle happened. Whitehouse found Dr. Meghan Kilkelly. Not only was Kilkelly a perfect fit for Derby Dental but she also brought additional areas of expertise to complement Whitehouse’s already exceptional skill set.  In addition to general dentistry, the two dentists offer a variety of services, including Invisalign (metal-free braces), sedation dentistry, sleep appliances, geriatric dentistry, complete cosmetic dentistry and dentistry focused on medically complex patients. The two dentists love to work together on cases since they bring different experiences, perspectives and opinions. By working together, they provide the next level of patient care to all of their patients. 

“We both genuinely care about our patients, our team, and about each other,” Whitehouse says. “Patients say they can feel the care when they are here. Don’t believe me, check out our reviews!”  Kilkelly agrees, saying, “I am so fortunate to have found a dental practice that has such a great team and philosophy. I truly enjoy working with our patients and team!”

And what about that baby? “Growing like a weed!” says Whitehouse. “I am so blessed to have Dr. Kilkelly and my whole unbelievable team.” She couldn’t be a working mom without the efforts of each and every one of them. And let’s not forget the wonderful Derby Dental patients for their faith in the practice and their support and understanding. 

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