Amber Succés, co-founder of innovative event brand Côtier, has created an unforgettable approach to celebrating life’s most precious memories.

Marx & Amber Succés, co-founders of Côtier

By Cy White, Images courtesy of Côtier

When dynamic duo Marx and Amber Succés were looking for new avenues to explore in their careers, their journey led them to the events space. However, when they conceived of Côtier, they wanted to make sure they were offering something unique. Something innovative. They wanted to create something unforgettable. Côtier is a curated event brand that personally creates experiences for each client. The most important moments in our lives should be celebrated. Marx and Amber’s Côtier Brand offers celebrations beyond your imagination.

You got your start in aviation. Firstly, what drew you to wanting work in the aviation industry?

Growing up, I was always naturally drawn to the sky, especially on those days where the sky is so stunning you would have sworn it was hand-painted. The overall expansiveness, beauty and the feeling of being grounded is what drew me to pursuing a career as an airline pilot at Purdue University.

What convinced you to make a shift to events?

After two years of being in the pilot program, I quickly found I was more interested in nature itself than the machinery flying over and through it. However, I’m so grateful for the experience and the bragging rights of being able to call myself a commercial pilot.

What in your experience as an FBO manager for major corporations prepared you to get into the events industry?

Being an FBO manager placed me in close proximity to high-net-worth individuals and powerful people in government on a daily basis. I essentially managed the fuel and customer service operations for a fixed based operator (private airport terminal). This is where private jets and helicopters can privately depart and arrive without having to gate at the main commercial terminals where you would see your United Airlines of the world. My experience in the private aviation sector taught me great leadership, visual branding, customer service, marketing and hospitality skills. All of which has aided me greatly in developing premium party goods that are not only visually stunning, but incredibly fun!

Côtier is known for innovative and nuanced ideas for events and celebrations. What has been the most unique idea you have conceived of? Was there ever an idea that didn’t work out as you’d expected?


I would say our most unique creation has been Convokins – our conversation starter napkin series. We decided to take the popular product idea of conversation starter cards and put it on napkins to make it more fun and contextually relevant for parties. Early on in our journey, we launched a line of printable fill-out baby shower games that were not particularly unique but aesthetically matched our best-selling baby shower game Did Baby Poopie. Although the line did make sales, it never reached the success of the products we have now. I believe this was because we were uninspired and simply launched it because we thought it was the logical thing to do after the success of our first baby shower game.

What was the inspiration behind the Baby Shower lottery scratch-off?

Well, I was a new Mom at the time and was constantly being marketed all types of baby related products. One day on Amazon, I was recommended baby shower games and out of curiosity I checked out what was being offered. I immediately couldn’t believe how little had changed in terms of baby shower games and most of all how boring most were. At that moment, I decided to launch my own and the rest is history.


Your mantra at Côtier is “Celebrating life’s moments.” What is a personal “life moment” that you’d want to relive, and what kind of activities would you come up with based on your branding?

I would want to relive hosting Christmas 2021 because it was so special! We had my husband’s entire family, including his Grandma, stay with us for a little over a week. We played games, ate American and traditional Haitian food, indulged in hot chocolate, explored Austin and just made unforgettable memories. I love playing games so I would find a way to personalize a traditional game like charades such as making up scenarios that contextually fit our family to make it more fun. 

You’ve recently added your product to Target stores. (Congratulations!) Sky’s the limit, what’s the biggest goal/dream you have for Côtier?

The biggest goal I have for the company is to have a large 10,000sqft warehouse where we ship, work, host in-person game nights, party and run our own online home-entertaining show where we make cocktails, food and decorate for parties.

Do you have any advice for women who are mothers who’ve expressed a desire to start their own businesses? 

Find your support system whether it’s your Mom, Dad, Spouse, Friend or whoever. The entrepreneurial journey is no joke and there will be times when having that person in your life to just listen to your rant or to give you encouragement will literally keep you from giving up.

What can people expect from Côtier in the future?

Expect more beautiful and easy decorations for the moments in your life as well as party games that will continue to make your gatherings a hit!

Any final thoughts?

Many people believe that companies like ours are in the event business but we’re really in the relationship business. Parties and gatherings are an investment vehicle that spark and fortify the relationships in our lives. And with that said, we are incredibly grateful that our customers trust us from their wedding day all the way to family dinner. Thank you!

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