Add some detox to your beauty routine with these charcoal beauty products. 

Photo by Courtney Runn

Clockwise from top left: Primal Pit Paste Tough Teeth charcoal tooth powder, $8.95, available at Black Hatchet Grit organic charcoal body wash, $14.95, available at Black Hatchet Hunter activated charcoal bar soap, $7.95, available at Hask charcoal purifying dry shampoo, $8.49, available at Garnier Clean+ blackhead-eliminating scrub, $9.49, available at L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Detox & Brighten treatment mask, $12.99, available at Lush Coalface cleansing charcoal bar, $14.95, available at Primal Pit Paste charcoal magnesium daily detox deodorant, $8.95, available at



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