Hairstylist and Owner of Crowned With Beauty

Photo by Monika Kelley, Sponsored Content

Candis White’s obsession with styling hair began at a young age. Formally educated and trained in New York City, she attended class during the week and worked as an assistant in a salon each weekend. When the opportunity arose one year later, she moved to Kuwait, where she and her mother opened the first hair salon that also offered tanning services. After spending 10 years in the Middle East, White returned to the United States, bringing with her the knowledge and experiences of working with various cultures. In 2015, she moved to Austin, where she worked at a local salon, learning from her peers and continuing her education. White became the owner of Crowned With Beauty in 2017 and is fully committed to serving her guests with excellence. Her true passion is creating beautiful new looks for her clients because she believes every person should invest in his or her hair, the crown they never take off.


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