Portrait Photographer Bridget Karam

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Women to Watch: Bridget Karam

Bridget Karam is a portrait photographer who primarily photographs pets and children—especially tweens! Her portrait style is both emotional and artistic. Karam has volunteered for The Adoption Coalition and The Heart Gallery for 15 years, creating photos for children in foster care seeking forever homes. She also works with the Meals on Wheels PALS program taking photos of clients and their adored pets. Karam has even had the pleasure of photographing Athia, the first therapy pig in Austin! Karam maintains a second website that includes stunning travel art pieces and reproductions of her late mother’s abstract art, scanned and printed on acrylic or metal for a contemporary presentation. When her home studio in Northwest Hills safely reopens, she will offer her dog portraits and “school pics” for homeschoolers and distance-learning families. Until then, she has fun with her daughters, Jena and Alex, and their mighty little Yorkie, Rocky. 

bridgetkaram.com, shop.bridgetkaram.com



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