The owners of Blenders & Bowls share their recipe for the perfect healthy, seasonal—and scrumptious—treat. 

By Chantal Rice, Photos courtesy of Blenders & Bowls

Blenders & Bowls Founders

You may not know how to spell it—or even how to say it—but if you’re like most locals, you crave acai and all the health benefits of this luscious berry. And Austin’s favorite acai café, Blenders & Bowls, offers five locations throughout town to get your feel-good fix. 

But it’s not just about the acai. The Blenders & Bowls menu features a variety of nutrition-packed smoothies and organic bowls of goodness, an edible artform Owners Kara Jordan and Erin Thompson have been handcrafting and perfecting since they first launched their business in 2011. 

Here, Jordan and Thompson share their recipe for their seasonal green summer smoothie bowl, which, as always, is packed with good and good-for-you ingredients. 

“I love this recipe because you are getting a few servings of leafy greens along with a serving of whole grains and fresh fruit,” Thompson says. “This recipe will bring out a tropical flavor and makes it easy to forget you are eating a lot of spinach! We love choosing fresh fruit for our specials based on what is in season. … The key to all of our smoothie bowls is a thick blend, delicious granola, fresh seasonal fruit and local honey.” 

As they say at Blenders & Bowls, enjoy and be stoked! 

Green Summer Smoothie Bowl Recipe


2 ounces frozen mango 

1 frozen banana 

2 ounces frozen pineapple 

2 handfuls fresh spinach 

2 ounces almond milk 

1/3 cup granola 

2 ounces fresh mango 

2 ounces fresh raspberries 

1 kiwi 

Drizzle of local honey (Blenders & Bowls’ recommendation: Round Rock Honey) 


1. Using a blender, combine the almond milk, banana, frozen mango, frozen pineapple and fresh spinach. Blend until the consistency is thick and bright green. (At-home tip for frozen fruit: Chop up fresh fruit into smaller pieces to freeze. It will blend easier.) 

2. Spoon the ingredients from the blender into a bowl. Top it with granola and fresh fruit. Finish it with a honey drizzle. 

Instead of topping your Blenders & Bowls homemade green summer smoothie bowl with mass-produced granola, go against the grain and opt for a delicious granola created by another local woman-owned business, Granarly. Baked with all-American whiskey, The OG, or the original Granarly, is the first-ever whiskey granola blend and packs a flavor punch, with sun-dried seedless raisins and juicy red cranberries. 

“Each blend was handcrafted in my kitchen and created with fun, flavor and adventure in mind,” says Morgan Potts, owner and aptly titled Granarly guru. “The OG is your everyday Granarly with a little twist. Whether you are a fan of whiskey or not, it’s definitely worth a try. The honey-whiskey creation is baked to perfection and…tastes like adventure. It’s a tasty addition to a homemade acai bowl, traditional Greek yogurt or even thrown into a smoothie and blended up. This will provide you not only fuel for your body, but fuel for your wildest dreams.” 


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