Illustrator, art teacher and professional doodler Becca Borrelli finds inspiration in the iconic scenes of Austin. 

By Chantal Rice, Photos by Aline Forastieri, Artwork courtesy of Becca Borrelli

Becca Borrelli

There’s no denying Becca Borrelli is in love with her hometown of Austin. It’s fair to say the capital city is somewhat her muse. In fact, hallmark attributes of Austin are not only present, but often key characters in her fanciful—and entirely spot-on—illustrations. She is nothing less than a master doodler. 

Borrelli earned her master’s degree in art education from the University of Texas, and her imagination and creative skills have led her to a variety of art- focused posts, from working as an elementary-school art teacher and a gallery intern at the Blanton Museum of Art, to instructing art classes at The Contemporary School at Laguna Gloria, working as a sign artist at an area grocery chain and, yes, (as is often the case with savvy yet underappreciated creatives) even taking on a few waitress gigs when needed. 

But her real superpower is creating. And since dedicating herself to growing her entrepreneurial business, Becca Borrelli Illustrations, she has gained the attention and affection of many an Austinite and local retailer. As Borrelli says, she is “inspired by the invisible connections between all things, and the spirit of Austin.” And that’s certainly revealed in her elaborate illustrations. 

Her work, which she says “aims to be a playful, bright and hopeful interpretation of the world’s whimsical and magical sides,” includes prints featuring iconic Austin scenes (Barton Creek, downtown, the Congress Avenue Bridge, Blues on the Green, Mount Bonnell), as well as other ingenious products like her coloring pages and coloring books, which seek to pay her creativity forward by enabling other locals to add their own colorful and artistic flair to images of Austin’s favorite landmarks. 

“I think people who love Austin agree that there is a unique, almost magical feeling to this city. I know I sense it when I return here from other places. I enjoy illustrating Austin because it’s an opportunity to experience that feeling over and over, and potentially share it with others in a visual way.”
-Becca Borrelli

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