Feel like a VIP with your Athleta style session this holiday season.

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve missed being able to go to a store and play dress-up since March. While online shopping is fun, it’s always a little more satisfying to try on those leggings or that cute top before you purchase them. Don’t even get me started on buying a bra online. There is no replacing that physical connection you get with an item during an in-store experience. It’s been tough for me especially after having a baby last year and struggling with my ever-changing body. It’s really hard to know which size is going to fit me best. 

When I got the chance to do a personal style session with Athleta, I jumped at the opportunity! Y’all, it really made me feel pampered and was still totally safe and distanced. I documented my experience so I could share it with you and show you how easy and fun it was. Plus, I came out of it with several new purchases that I felt really confident about. 

#1 Scheduling the Appointment

I filled out the online style questionnaire and picked the time that worked best for me. You can schedule during store hours. Or you can choose to schedule before the store opens or after it closes if the socially distant option makes you more comfortable. Personally, my family has been pretty distant, so I went in on a Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m. There were only a few Athleta team members in the store. Once you fill out the form they will connect with you to get you confirmed with a time and ask any other questions they have before you come in. 

To make an appointment click on the desired location and call your closest store: 
The Domain:
Central Park:
Hill Country:
512-263- 4350

#2 What Happens When You Arrive

When I arrived at the store, the manager of the Athleta Domain, Ivonne, greeted me (with her mask on, of course!). The store is cleaned every morning and night for safety, and all throughout the day. It also has spacing stickers on the floor, sanitizing stations, masks for purchase and reminders of safe shopping etiquette in several locations. She escorted me to my personal dressing room where they had already pulled 15-20 items that fit my questionnaire responses. Everything had two sizing options so I could easily go up or down a size if I needed to.

#3 The Dressing Room

I started trying on what they pulled for me and seriously loved everything! Athleta as a brand is really great for having those great leggings and comfy items that can be worn while WFH or getting out on the town for a quick date night! Or at my house it’s usually an afternoon and we have the baby with us. Does that still count?

Here are a couple of my favorite items. 

  • ⅞ Leggings – The fabric is amazing! They are silky smooth and so chic! And they have hidden pockets for your phone, ID, etc. 
  • Pranayama Wrap – It’s snug and flowy all at the same time. Is that even possible? Yes…yes it is. 
  • Delancey Herringbone Tights – Literally wearing these as I am writing this! They have back pockets that zip and are super lightweight. These ladies can really be dressed up or down! I’m considering wearing them for our family Christmas card! 
  • Foresthill Ascent Tank – Stretchy, seamless, merino wool with some side ruching that is very forgiving on the mommy tummy! 
  • Uptempo Top – Amazing feel, plus my favorite…Thumbholes! 

They checked in on me during the session but also gave me my space and even brought me a beverage in the safest of ways. It really was the boost that I needed to get out without the baby and do something for me while still being safe.

#4 Checkout

When you’re ready to wrap up you can just pick what you might want to purchase, or not. There really wasn’t any pressure from anyone to buy. I felt confident I was loving everything I got was something that I’d be weaning a lot. And when I was paying it was easy to use the tap to pay option, if you’ve got that set up on your phone.

Athleta has amazing versatile options too so you can choose, depending on your style. They just released their new winter collection and I’m considering going back in! But if I can’t find time because mom/work life gets hectic, I feel more comfortable with any online purchases fitting with that more tailored look when I want it and then also more casual when I want that.

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