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Dr. Erin Winston is an expert in all matters of breast health. She provides full-spectrum breast care from technology-based breast cancer imaging and its life-endorsing abilities to the emotional aspects of breast pain and its physical release. A native Texan, Winston completed a breast imaging fellowship at the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center and then joined Rose Imaging Specialists, the nation’s largest group of dedicated breast imaging specialists. In 2014, she co-founded Austin Breast Imaging where she uses mammography, ultrasound and contrast-enhanced mammography to promote breast health.

Why get a mammogram?

Awoman chooses to get a mammogram not because her doctor tells her to, but because she has an innate drive to stay alive and healthy—for herself and her loved ones.

How can women overcome the fear of a mammogram?

Breasts are the physical embodiment of our nurturing forces. A mammogram is a tool of empowerment for women. Mammographic screening employs physics and technology to look inside the body for information and early signs of distress. This knowledge is power.

Why should someone come to Austin Breast Imaging?

It makes a difference who reads your mammogram. As breast imaging specialists, we harness the best of physics, medicine, education and compassion to support the nurturing spirit of women for self-healing and longevity.

Austin Breast Imaging has the most advanced women’s imaging centers in Texas. We are pioneers in mammographic techniques that most other imaging centers do not offer. When you have your mammogram with us, you will experience a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere with a staff dedicated solely to breast health.

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