Dr. Amber Burgess is the co-owner of Ortho 360 Orthodontics and believes you can change a life by changing a smile.

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Dr. Amber Burgess - Ortho 360

Dr. Amber Burgess is a board-certified orthodontist and the co-owner of Ortho 360 Orthodontics, a practice for children and adults with five offices in and throughout the Austin area. Burgess believes you can change a life by changing a smile. She speaks about orthodontia the way many women talk about shoes, full of excitement and affection. Burgess earned her degree from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and because she always wants to offer the latest and most advanced care to her patients, she completes more than 50 hours of continuing education every year, attending intensive dental-education centers like the Kois Center in Seattle and Spear Education in Arizona. She moved her family to the beautiful city of Austin in 2009 and joined forces with Dr. Stanton Henry and the offices of Ortho 360 in 2010. Burgess is a busy wife and mother to two girls and also an avid runner.




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