Primo the Alien was ready for her ACL Festival debut when things took a drastic turn. She shares her outlook, her passion and her plans for the future.


By Monica Godinez, Photos courtesy of Primo the Alien

Primo the Alien is an artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist. She is a fiery and spirited individual who creates opportunities for herself in all situations. Despite being a late addition to the ACL Festival lineup, Primo was ready to put on a hot show. “I was asked to play the festival early in the week, so I had about a week or so to get my shit together,” Primo shares. “It has been a whirlwind of emotions.”

The Industry Heartbreak

The dedication and effort Primo puts into her shows is one of the numerous reasons it was devastating to hear that her Oct. 1 set, along with many others, was canceled because of the inclement weather. Despite this unforeseen cancelation Primo was very optimistic about the entire situation. “I was so ready for this show, I [had already]mentally prepared for it all,” she reveals. “We were walking out the door [on our way to the festival]when we found out we weren’t playing.”

It’s hard to imagine what it feels like to be in Primo’s position, or an artist whose dream is cut short. But she perfectly sums it up: “It’s one of those things that happens in this industry,” she says without any malice. “You’re going to get your heart broken, and then you’re going to get back up and do it [all]again. [Each heartbreak] is a learning experience. [You] come out of each one stronger and prepared for the next thing.” 

Behind the Glitz and Glamour

Primo loves everything about what she does, and that shows in the elaborate performances she puts on. Concertgoers see the finalized show but don’t see the rigorous work and rehearsals that goes on behind the scenes. Before each show there are band practices, extensive physical work and huge mental preparation that often goes overlooked. ”It’s a lot, especially with pop music. I used to see people that make music like me and would think they aren’t real musicians,” Primo admits. “I had no idea that what I’m doing now is 10 times harder and more difficult.” She goes on to reveal that when people see Primo the Alien, “they see all the glamour. What they don’t see are the tears and sacrifice. Music is not a short-term thing for me. This is my life.”

What’s Next?


While her ACL Festival weekend took an unexpected turn, Primo remains gracious and positive about it all. “I’m making the most of this weekend and the opportunity to be here. I have been doing interviews all weekend, my family is in town and we’re enjoying the festival.”


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