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Cover Women
Fanning the Flames of Justice

Delia Garza, city council member and county attorney, is ablaze with plans to change the criminal justice system. By Jenny Hoff, Photos by Rudy Arocha In…

Politics Celia Israel
She Leads Texas: Celia Israel

Inspired by her mentor, Ann Richards, Rep. Celia Israel has served in the Texas House of Representatives since 2014. This is how she leads Texas. By…

Politics Rep. Donna Howard
She Leads Texas: Donna Howard

Rep. Donna Howard has a long-standing dedication to education that continues in the Capitol today. This is how she leads Texas. By Anna Lassmann Rep. Donna…

She Leads Texas: Vikki Goodwin

Rep. Vikki Goodwin says raising kids prepared her for the Texas Legislature. This is how she leads Texas. By Anna Lassmann Vikki Goodwin, D-Austin, joined the Texas House…

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